Review : Swordsman Online aka Bots Online

August 8th, 2014 | Posted in Uncategorized

Perfect World Entertainment has done it again. For the third time. Done what you ask? Well, bringing yet another extremely boring, lacklustre game for us to play. Worse, they are using ARC platform to distribute these crappy games! Helloooo spyware! Wait, even worse is three weeks after open beta the game is full of bots. In fact, 2 servers are dead (15% player vs 85% bots), and only server Claymore seems to have newbies coming to the game.

First, Swordsman Online is a game based on China’s history plus some magical kung fu novelization courtesy of Mr Louis Cha aka Jin Yong.

If you like wuxia, jianghu and martial arts games, then this is the one for you. You have real world martial arts school like Wudang, Shaolin, E’mei, clashing arms against some martial arts school that only existed in Jin Yong novels like the Hua Mountain Sect, the Five Venoms Sect, the Beggar Sect, and the Gunners Sect (Tong).

Next, the user control is half action based (dodge and slash at the air just because) and half old school perfect world based (click and mash button). Depending on your martial arts school, either one or the other type of controls work well. The classes are all balanced out with unique skills; the concept tanker vs support vs dps is quite blurry. However, some classes have skills that deals more damage, some has more area of effect skills, and some have heals.

As usual of all Perfect World Games, Swordsman Online lets you have pets. There are two type of pets, humans and animals. You use human pokeballs to capture human pets, and creature pokeballs to capture animal pets. Each pet have different skills, although you can buy skill book from the pet npc and teach it to your pet.

Leveling in Swordsman Online is easy. It’s so easy I got from level 1 to 20 in a few hours of gameplay by just running quest. The next day, I got from 20 to 35 after playing almost the whole day. After 35, the grinding hell started. When you hit level 45 leveling is as hard as around 2-3 per day. At level 50 plus, you will be happy to be able to get 1 level per day… Although…

As usual, they (PWE) have the quest system down to pat. There are so many things to do and quest to finish that you don’t even feel the need to grind. There are so many instances and events you will never feel bored. Heck, you can even let your character bot in the open world by using the built in system called Self Cultivation.

Finally, well… Thats all there is to it. I’ve tried pvp by duelling and joining a battle arena; I have even fought in a guild war. Hunted a few pker and was pked a few times too. It all seems somewhat fun except for the bot problem which totally destroyed this game…. How bad is it you ask?

The main problem with this game is that it is extremely prone to bots. In fact, like I said earlier, 2 servers had 85% bot population while the last server is losing population fast. PWE solution to the bot problem? Implemented a half-assed CAPTCHA solution which makes it harder for player to play while whining that banning botters account and/or email is too much work because they will just come back and create a new account anyway. A mediocre product that suffers from horrible management decision yet again…

ClickGoPlay Score for Swordsman Online : 1.5

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Heroes Of Newerth (HON)

March 11th, 2012 | Posted in Uncategorized

Lately, I have been playing a game called Heroes of Newerth on Garena. Created by S2 Games, it is heavily inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DotA), a Warcraft III custom map.

Two teams of players -the Legion and the Hellbourne- are set against each other. Each side has a base that is defended by towers and waves of units which stream along paths leading to the enemy’s base. In the center of each base is a building that must be destroyed to win the game, similar to DotA.

20% Strategy and 80% RPG, players can chose hundreds of different heroes with different skills. The gameplay has a huge learning curves though. New players are strongly recommended to practice on the AI before engaging other players. Playing online without the necessary minimum skill will lead other players to constantly curse, mock, threaten, beg, and swear at you incessantly.

The good thing about HON is:
1. Allows Matchmaking
2. Game Reconnection
3. Leaver Protection
4. Stat Tracking

The rest of the features are not really vital to player, although they do add some value to the game, like the built in VOIP. Sometimes you have some insane bugger yelling at you during play though, so that VOIP feature is actually detrimental to gameplay…

With 100 heroes to choose from, you will be assured of never ending unique gaming experience every time a game starts. One thing can be assured though, updates will never stop coming in!

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Review : Battle of the Immortals

September 15th, 2010 | Posted in Client, Review

Perfect World Entertainment has done it again. Done what you ask? Well, bringing another somewhat boring, lacklustre game for us to play.

Battle of Immortals tried to style itself as a mythological game based on old legends from around the world. Old Norse legend, legend of Atlantis, Easter Island legend, the Angkor Wat, and the legend of the Scorpion King Dwayne Johnson.

I kid you not my friends, you start out as an adventurer trying to find spear of Osiris to finish off The Rock, and then go to the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and whack Jet Li who turns into a dragon. What. Da. Fark? These aren’t immortal legends or myths; they are the byproduct of Hollywood commercialization!

Anyways, Battle of Immortals is like everything from every fantasy/scifi/anime story crashing into each other at 65 mph and came out looking like a mishmash of craziness. You have people riding dinosaurs side by side with people riding dragons and space ships! You wield crab claws as weapon! And you have to kill some Spartans who looks exactly like from the movie 300 for a quest! The pain! Anyway, there are a few things about this game that I looked into.

First, you have pets. You get the standard desert wolf, dragons, and mimics. AND then you have those carpenter koala’s, funky jazzy cat (a real cat with tail and paw and sunglasses), and finally you have creatures that defy explanation but look awesome and aggressive. The best part though is that the pets grow larger the more you fortify it, but it is a very expensive process.

Next, leveling in Battle of Immortals is easy. They (PWE) have the quest system down to pat. There are so many things to do and quest to finish that you don’t even feel the need to grind. Heck you can even do collection quest and go afk because you still get some experience points. And here I am taking some time off gathering lumps of crystal after a hard days work killing monsters…

Finally, well… Thats all there is to it. I’ve tried pvp by duelling and joining a battle area; although I have yet to go on a guild war expedition. I’ll look into pk hunting when I have the time.

The main problem with this game is that it is not very interesting at all. In fact, it is a mishmash of things with quests and pets and mounts. Quite a terrible product really from what is otherwise a good game company.

ClickGoPlay Score for Battle of Immortals : 2.5

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Creation of Wealth

July 12th, 2010 | Posted in Guide

Have you ever read Adam Smith’s book “Creation of Wealth”? So what does that book REALLY talks about? Money.

Without money, nothing works. Everything will be delayed, or slowed down to a crawl. Money is the lifeblood of a corporation, a business, and in the context of games, the development of a player character.

Money is the most important commodity in games, especially levelling. With real money, you can buy a built char. With in game money, building a char is extremely easy. That is why you have gold sellers in almost every game. Of course, the owner of online games usually made the dumbest move in the world; instead of selling gold themselves from their internet mall, they banned the buying and selling of gold outright! That is 3 million in revenue per year gone, right there genius.

Building a new money making char takes a lot of money, so it is a catch 22 event. How to fix this? Use real life example, take out a loan from other player. This is the harder way to get started though, unless you know the other player, because not everyone will trust a total stranger will pay back their loan.

The other way to make money then is to do what million of immigrants to the states does; work for money like crazy. Indeed, this second way takes up a lot of time, because you have to make a money making char in addition to your normal char. The money making char will usually be low leveled and have stats and gears concentrated on farming gold. The farmed gold will be used by the secondary main char to buy +7 Sword of Doom and such.

Next time you play an online game always remember: learn how to make money first. PvP, guild intrigues and others come later.

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Classis Games : Master of Orion

July 1st, 2010 | Posted in Client, Guide, Review

I’m an ardent fan of strategy games. Age of Empires, Civilization, Call to Power, Command and Conquer, the list goes on and on; I love them and played almost all strategy games out there. Whether they are real time or turn based, I have a collection of never to be missed strategy games.

It all started with a simple yet engrossing game called Master of Orion 2. MOO2 remains one of my favorite games, and I experienced true euphoria when I first play it. Master of Orion was THE father of all 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) games. It combined empire management with tactical combat and spruced it up with a comprehensive diplomacy and spying system.

From the quirky, futuristic music and sounds to the customizable ships, races, and colonies, this game has everything one could ever want or expect of a 4x stuffed into a simple and perfect package. If you’ve ever played a 4x game, you know what to expect: start out on your home turf, build up your starting turf while you explore your surroundings, colonize a few systems, meet the neighbors, get into an intergalactic war with your neighbors, destroy your neighbors and claim the neighborhood all for yourself, rinse, and repeat until it’s time to shower for work. The next morning. yes, you have missed one more night of sleep.

The variety of races allows for many different gameplay strategies to be employed, or you can customize a race to desired traits (somewhat rare for a 4x game I’ve found). Space battles can be either controlled by you, or left up to the game to decide. There can be multiple planets in a system, all available for settling, and later you can tweak the planets for optimum growth. There is a certain balance to the gameplay that keeps it from ever getting frustrating, and I find myself hard pressed to ever curse the game for allowing a cheap move.

As all great games, it was easy to play, hard to master. For its time it had good (now laughable basic) graphics, but the design is still exemplary and something that many games designers can only dream of living up to.

Master of Orion 2 took a good game, and added a little twist – a bit more history, more races, more options, more involved combat. All in all, a game that is just a tad more complex.

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Strategy Game

June 30th, 2010 | Posted in Uncategorized

Do you like to play strategy game? Do you fancy yourself an armchair general? Do you read Sun Zi’s Art of War? Now is a great time to put your strategic skills to the test! Try out one of these games, or all of them if you prefer, to find out if you have what it takes to be a general.

Starshatter - The Gathering Storm Gary Grigsby's World At War - A World Divided
Panzer Command - Operational Winterstorm For Liberty!
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Review : Little Warrior

June 30th, 2010 | Posted in Guide, Portal, Review

Little Warrior! What can I say about this game except fun, fun, and fun!

This game is basically a beat em up, like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Tekken. The difference is that in Little Warrior you don’t control your char! All you do is watch your char use skills or weapons that you buy to whack the other guy up.

The best part is the plethora of skills and weapons that your char can use! Not to mention the different char that is available at the start! Although there are many different looks, they don’t have much difference though, in stats department.

In Little Warrior, the only way you can raise stats is by levelling up. The problem with this though is that you can’t control what to increase; instead a random calculation is done to determine which stats to increase. What I’ve found so far is that if you fight someone with much higher stats in an attribute more than you consistently, you will increase that attribute next level.

When I first started playing Little Warrior, I found it quite repetitive and boring. After a while though, the increase in skills and weapons, as well as the addition of tournament and mission makes it more appealing to play.

ClickGoPlay Score for Little Warrior : 3.5

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